The Professional Development Grant is an award for a financial scholarship, given out on an annual basis, to participating SWHSL library staff.

The goal of this grant is to support SWHSL members who request funding to attend professional meetings. Financial aid from this program will enable SWHSL members to attend conferences sponsored by professional associations or organizations which might not be available locally and for which funds might not otherwise be available.

Types of professional meetings:

  1. National Library Conferences
  2. State and Local Library Conferences
  3. Online Workshops
  4. Continuing Education Opportunities


  1. Applicants for the grant need to function in a professional capacity within their SWHSL member institution.
  2. Prior recipients may not apply for a grant within three years of the acceptance date of a previous grant from SWHSL.
  3. The support grant or grants will be distributed on the basis of the funds available.

Terms of the grant:

All successful applicants are required to share what they learned with SWHSL by presenting a lecture/talk at the SWHSL meeting immediately following the activity.

Grant information and application

Past grant recipients

2024: Elizabeth Suelzer, MLIS, AHIP
MLA 2024 Conference Attendance

2023: Karen Hanus, MLIS, AHIP
MLA 2023 Conference Attendance
Presentation: 2023 Scholarship Award Report Out: “Looking back, forging ahead”

2022: Alissa Fial, MLIS
MLA 2022 Conference Attendance

2021: No grant given

2020: Elizabeth Suelzer, MLIS, AHIP
Critical Appraisal Institute for Librarians
Presentation: Odds Ratios & Risk Ratios

2019: Kathy Koch, MLIS, AHIP
Supporting Clinical Care: An Evidence Based Institute for Medical Librarians
Presentation: Supporting Clinical Care